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Background Information

"Compiled from sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), The Almanac contains historical and current data, insightful analysis, and useful graphics that paint a compelling picture of the state of education in the United States. (p. xiii)"
"This is the forty-third annual report of national normative data on the characteristics of students attending American colleges and universities as first-time, full-time freshman."
"These indicators enable governments to see their education systems in the light of other countries' performances and, together with OECD's country policy reviews, are designed to support and review the efforts that governments are making towards policy reform. (p. 3)"
See especially the section on Education in Vol. 2, pp. 387-498.
"The goal of this book is multidimensional: a) to help reviving Statistics education in many parts in the world where it is in crisis. For the first time authors from many developing countries have an opportunity to write together with the most prominent world authorities. The editor has spent several years searching for the most reputable statisticians all over the world. International contributors are either presidents of the local statistical societies, or head of the Statistics department at the main university, or the most distinguished statisticians in their countries. b) to enable any non-statistician to obtain quick and yet comprehensive and highly understandable view on certain statistical term, method or application c) to enable all the researchers, managers and practicioners to refresh their knowledge in Statistics, especially in certain controversial fields. d) to revive interest in statistics among students, since they will see its usefulness and relevance in almost all branches of Science."
Annual status reports.
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Recent Books

Horvat, Erin McNamara, contributor Heron, Mary Lou, contributor Agbenyega, Emily Tancredi-Brice, contributor Bergey, Bradley W., the first site to the third Heron Mary Lou.From, and Place
Cubb H62 .B357 2013
James-Ward, Cheryl
Cubb LB2846 .J35 2013
Petscher, Yaacov M., Schatschneider Christopher, Compton Donald L., conditional means Petscher Yaacov Extending M., and Modeling
Cubb QA278.2 .A67 2013
Schildkamp, Kim, Lai Mei Kuin, and Earl Lorna M.
Cubb LB1028.43 .D366 2013
Mandinach, Ellen Beth, Jackson Sharnell S., and of Psychology American Psychological Association. Division Educational
Cubb LB1028.43 .M362 2012
Morehouse, Richard
Cubb LB1028 .M6437 2012
Protheroe, Nancy, and Educational Research Service(Arlington Va.)
Cubb LB2805 .P9234 2011
Herzog, Serge, and Bowman Nicholas A.
Cubb LB1028 .N5 NO.150
Huck, Schuyler W.
Cubb QA276 .H788 2012
Harcourt, Deborah, Perry Bob, and Waller Tim
Cubb LB1028 .R388 2011
Moore, Betsy
Cubb LB1570 .M63 2011
Integration Interrupted
Tyson, Karolyn
Cubb LC2771 .T97 2011
for and Development, Organisation Economic Co-operation, and for Assessment Programme International Student
Cubb LB3051 .P5853 2010
Wiseman, Alexander W.
Cubb LC189.8 .I57 V.13
Planty, Mike, and Carlson Deven
Cubb LB2846 .P55 2010
Cubb LB2846 .H544 2010
Murnane, Richard J., and Willett John B.
Cubb LB1028 .M86 2011
Creemers, Bert P. M., Kyriakidēs Leōnidas, and Sammons Pam
Cubb LB1028 .C736 2010
Meyer, Patrick J.
Cubb BF39 .M487 2010
Mulcahy, John W., and Gregory Jess L.
Cubb LB2805 .M755 2009
Teo, Timothy, and Khine Myint Swe
Cubb LB1028 .S8457 2009
Bini, Mathilde
Cubb LB2822.75 .S73 2009
for and Development, Organisation Economic Co-operation
Cubb LB1776 .C73 2009
Osterlind, Steven J., Everson Howard T., and item bias Osterlind Steven Test J.
Cubb HA29 .O79 2009
Morse, Janice M., and Niehaus Linda
Cubb H62 .M6611 2009
Cardinet, Jean, Johnson Sandra, and Pini Gianreto
Cubb LB2846 .C28 2010
phil Kohler, Ulrich, and Kreuter Frauke
Cubb QA276.4 .K63 2009
Allison, Paul David
Cubb HA31.3 .A44 2009
for Assessment, Programme International Student, for Co-operation Organisation Economic, and Development
Cubb LB3051 .P5748 2009
for Assessment, Programme International Student, for Co-operation Organisation Economic, and Development
Cubb LB3051 .P575 2009
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Horvat, E. M. N., contributor Heron, Mary Lou, contributor Agbenyega, Emily Tancredi-Brice, contributor Bergey, Bradley W., the first site to the third Heron M. L. F., & Place
Cubb H62 .B357 2013
James-Ward, C.
Cubb LB2846 .J35 2013
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Computers and Education (Journal)
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (Journal)


Indexes and abstracts articles of English-language periodicals and books on education from 1983 on. Abstracting coverage begins with January 1994....
Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) from the US Department of Education. Bibliographic database of educational resources including articles...
Stanford-affiliated patrons have "unrestricted access to all of the premium content on, including full issues of Education Week, 25 years...
The OECD's online library of statistical databases, books, and periodicals.
Indexes selected books, government documents, and periodical articles on contemporary public issues and the making of public policy.
from the World Bank. See also their EdStats.


U.S. Census Bureau demographic data including school district level data.
U.S. Census data compiled by the Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, includes demographic data and educational attainment by cities, counties, and Bay Area.
Statistics on school performance, test scores, student demographics and school staffing.
Education Data Partnership's Fiscal, Demographic and Performance Data on K-12 Schools in California. "The state, county, district and school reports have a wealth of data about student demographics and performance, plus information about staffing, including teacher salaries."
"Independent and impartial, EdSource strives to advance the common good by developing and widely distributing trustworthy, useful information that clarifies complex K–14 issues and promotes thoughtful decisions about California’s public education system."
"This web site serves as a central guide for education data resources including high-value data sets, data visualization tools, resources for the classroom, applications created from open data and more. These datasets have been gathered from various agencies to provide detailed information on the state of education on all levels, from cradle to career and beyond. Check back frequently because the site will be updated as more datasets and tools become available."
Historical Statistics of the United States online version of 2006 Cambridge University publication.
"ICPSR provides leadership and training in data access, curation, and methods of analysis for a diverse and expanding social science research community."
"The database, which contains selected links to a range of official information sources on education, can also be accessed online."
"The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education."
"The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is an internationally standardised assessment that was jointly developed by participating economies and administered to15-year-olds in schools."
OECD Stat Extracts "includes data and metadata for OECD countries and selected non-member economies."
RAND California: Education Statistics includes enrollment, demographics, expenditures, test scores, and much more.
"Social Science Data and Software (SSDS) is a group within the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) that provides services and support to Stanford faculty, staff and students in the acquisition of social science data and the selection and use of quantitative (statistical) and qualitative analysis software."
Current and historical STAR test results from the California Department of Education.
"The Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality has five objectives: to monitor these and other trends in poverty and inequality, to support scientific analysis of poverty and inequality, to develop science-based policy on poverty and inequality, to disseminate data and research on poverty and inequality, and to train the next generation of scholars and policy analysts."
"The Common Data Set Initiative is a collaborative effort between publishers and the educational community to improve the quality and accuracy of information provided to all involved in a student's transition into higher education, as well as to reduce the burden on colleges of compiling and reporting information. Questions and definitions used by the U.S. Department of Education in its college surveys are a guide in the development of CDS items. Common Data Set items undergo broad review by secondary schools and two-and four-year colleges."
"Trends in College Spending (TCS) Online is an interactive web-based data system that gives higher education stakeholders easy access to information on finance, performance, and enrollments for individual institutions, groups of institutions, or the nation as a whole. Recent patterns in higher education finance are presented using six primary "metrics" compiled by the Delta Cost Project (shown below). These metrics mirror those in the Delta Cost Project’s Trends in College Spending reports, where national-level patterns and trends are presented. The TCS system allows institutional-level comparisons with those national data."
"Global and internationally comparable statistics on education, science, culture and communication."
"Your comprehensive data and analysis source for key topics in education."