Audio Transcript

Now let's say you want to add additional information to a reference, such as a direct quotation.

In RefWorks, go to View->All References.

Click Edit next to the reference that you want to edit.

Scroll down to the User fields. RefWorks contains 5 separate user fields where you can take notes, type direct quotations - you can enter any additional information that you want.

In the user 1 field, I'm going to type the direct quotation along with the page number.

When you are finished, you can scroll down to the bottom and click Save Reference.

Next, we'll organize our references into folders.

Under the Folders menu, choose Create New Folder.

Give the folder a name and click OK.

At the confirmation dialog box, click OK

Now we'll put some references into our newly-created folder.

Under the View menu, choose All References.

Check the checkbox next to the references that you want to put in your folder.

From the "Put in Folder..." dropdown menu, choose Educational Innovations.

It will ask you if you're sure you want to put them in there. Click OK.

Then click OK at the confirmation dialog box.

Now when you choose to view your folder from the Folders->View menu, you'll see that those references are in the folder that you created.

You also can place one reference into more than one folder.