Audio Transcript

Next, we're going to export some citations from ERIC into RefWorks.

Go to Type "ERIC" in the search field, Click "Find Database", and click the link for ERIC.

This takes us to the CSA Illumina ERIC interface.

Click the Advanced Search tab and enter your search term in one search field and your additional search term in another one. I'm going to choose Descriptor as the limiter for each of these search terms.

Select a record and click on its title to go to the full record. I'm going to choose this article on game-based learning and higher education.

If all you want to do is export one record to RefWorks, click the link to RefWorks that's below the search tab.

I'm going to click the radio button that says "Use the currently viewed record". radio button, and I'm going to click "Export to RefWorks"

If your popup blocker is on, you'll have to click the "click here" link next to "If this didn't work".

If you're not logged in to RefWorks, you'll be asked to log in.

If all goes well, you'll see a message that says "Import completed - 1 reference imported"

To export multiple records, you would check the box marked "Mark this record", either at the search results screen, or in the individual item record.

That brings multiple records into your export screen.