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Contains the keyword College teachers--Tenure--United States

Perlmutter DD. Promotion and tenure confidential. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press; 2010.

"Drawing on research and extensive interviews with junior and senior faculty across many institutions, David D. Perlmutter provides clear-sighted duidance on planning and managing an academic career, from graduate school to tenure and beyond."

Cross JG, Goldenberg EN. Off-track profs: nontenured teachers in higher education. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press; 2009.

"Quietly, one decentralized hiring decision at a time, the shape of the faculty in research universities is undergoing a revolution, as academic appointments off the tenure track proliferate. While some see this trend as driven solely by financial stress, the authors of this subtle and nuanced volume describe a more complex process, involving increased specialization of faculty roles. They raise all the right questions about how to evaluate this shift away from the tenured teacher-scholar model, and what this movement may portend for academic freedom, educational quality, and undergraduate teaching. Faculty members, department chairs, deans, provosts, presidents, and Board members will find this slender volume both thought-provoking and disturbing."
-- David W. Breneman, University Professor and Director, BA/MPP program in Public Policy, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, University of Virginia