The Facebook Course I’ve been teaching with Dave McClure and Dan Ackerman Greenberg has been in session for two weeks. There’s so much to talk about, I want to summarize a few things:

More than expected, the media has covered the course. The reporters usually spin our course to intrigue their readers, even if the story is not totally accurate. (For example, many say that we’re hosting an expo in December for investors. Not true. And we keep telling reporters the investor angle is not true, but they keep writing this into their stories. More on media in future posts.)

The students have been superb: smart, flexible, dynamic . . . This is the best part: working with students.

The course has gotten richer as we’ve expanded our Tuesday 3-hour labs to bring in experts from Slide, Rock You, and more. We’re also able to give students more hands-on technical help than we expected.

We’ve settled on short name for the course: “Persuasive apps & metrics.” Coming up with a short name that captured the course well wasn’t simple. But we’re mostly happy with the result.

Biggest surprise: How many people and companies have offered to help us (thank you!). Of course, each person has a motive, often the ability to later recruit talent from the class. Not all offers are useful to us, but we’ve welcomed talent and services that improve the course.

That’s the quick update. More soon.

BJ Fogg