App Name: Dodgeball

Total users: 10,000

Our team (Andrew Gadson, Rahul Thathoo and Brett Keintz) have focused the first part of our Apps & Metrics class (CS377w, commonly referred to as “The Stanford Facebook Class” on Dodgeball

The application tries to model a huge, chaotic game of dodgeball within the facebook environment. Basically, you can throw different types of balls at your friends. Those friends then have a limited amount of time to “dodge” that ball. If they get hit, they are shown a video of someone getting hit in a sensitive spot with a dodgeball. If they dodge, they are likewise shown a video of someone dodging multiple throws. They are then encouraged to throw dodgeballs back at the person who just tried to hit them. (or that’s the theory, anyway).

We haven’t implemented the full set of features that we want to have, but have high hopes for the app because apps with very similar features have been highly successful on facebook. We also believe that user engagement could get even higher than it already is (and it is already pretty good) once we get the throw/dodge/hit plus points/status features fully implemented.

We’ve acquired 10k users in just over 2 weeks, and continue to grow at a slightly viral rate. We’re looking to improve our virality through A/B testing various features and product flows, and are focused on building out a robust metrics dashboard that hopefully can be (fairly easily) plugged into any application where an events table is used.

As for more information about us personally: Andrew is the front-end, php guru and Rahul powers our DB with authority. Each has about 25 job offers, in case you’re wondering. Brett hearts metrics in a serious way and tries to map out our next steps.¬†We’re looking forward to us building this app out more and building another set of apps to further explore the platformization of the internet. We are ALL fairly annoyed with for “losing” some of our data the other day. A valuable server lesson for us all.

- Dodgeball Team

Rahul Thathoo, Brett Keintz, Andrew Gadson