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2007 Fall Freshman Quiz League

Playoffs: Saturday, November 10, 2007

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Twelve of the fifteen teams elected to participate in the playoffs for the 2007 Fall Freshman Quiz League, which took place at Old Union on Saturday, November 10. Congratulations to 4th-seeded Exodus, who defeated 3rd-seeded West Lag Nicey Spacho in the finals, 320-185. Exodus, led by Bill Rowan and rounded out by Steven Wu and Chris Chen, defeated 9th-seeded Leviticus in the semifinals. (Exodus's fourth player, Justin Stoncius, was unfortunately sick and could not participate.) Leviticus, in turn, had upset 1st-seeded Paloma to earn a spot in the semifinals.

West Lag Nicey Spacho, comprising Stacey Svetlichnaya, Ben Olson, Joe Gettinger, and Chris, narrowly upset 2nd-seeded Robleprosy, 255-250, in a semifinal game that literally came down to the last question.

The final standings of the 2007 Fall Freshman Quiz League:

    1. Exodus
    2. West Lag Nicey Spacho
    3t. Robleprosy
    3t. Leviticus
    5t. Sprained Burbankles
    5t. Paloma
    5t. Griffindonners
    5t. Genesis
    9t. Larkintimidation
    9t. Deuteronomy
    9t. Money in the Burbank
    9t. Larkin Da Hood

Three teams chose not to participate in the playoffs:

The top four individual players from preliminaries were also honored as Quiz League All-Stars:

  1. Jeff, from Paloma, 85 PPG
  2. Danny Crichton, from Leviticus, 72.5 PPG
  3. Heidi Fogle, from Robleprosy, 70 PPG
  4. Burbankenstein, from Sprained Burbankles, 56.67 PPG

Below is the results bracket for playoffs. Personal statistics have been kept for playoffs. Statistics for preliminary rounds are available as well.

Old pages are still available: Seedings for playoffs; Schedule for preliminary rounds.

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