NEW!! Faculty Back-Up Care Advantage Program

Stanford University is pleased to announce: 

The Back-Up Care Advantage Program®

To assist faculty, including clinical educators, in navigating the competing demands of work and life.

Programs Available:

  • Center-based back-up child care
  • In-home back-up child care (well and mildly ill children)
  • In-home adult/elder care

Quality of Care Child care centers in the network must be accredited by NAEYC or meet or exceed state child care licensing requirements. All in-home care agencies in the network are credentialed and employ trained caregivers. All staff at network in-home care agencies and child care centers participate in a screening process.


  • Center-based back-up child care - $15 co-pay per child per day; maximum of $25 per family per day
  • In-home Dependent Care - $6 co-pay per hour; there is a 4 hour minimum for all in-home care reservations

Days/Year Available:  10 days per year

Area of Availability:  Care options are available nation wide

Program Description: Faculty, including clinical educators can use the service when they need to be at work and their regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable such as:

  • When your regular caregiver or stay-at-home spouse is ill or temporarily unavailable When you are between child or elder care arrangements
  • When your child’s regular child care center or after-school program is closed
  • To ease transition back into a regular work schedule when returning from leave
  • To accommodate changes in flexible work arrangements
  • Business travel Other work/life issues that Faculty and clinical educators may face


Registration is required before using the service. A reservation can be placed one month in advance up to the day care is needed.
For more information or to register on October 1, 2010:
Call 877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737) or
Username sucares; Password 2011

EFFECTIVE: October 1, 2010