The Stanford Sociology Doctoral Program: Approved Survey Courses 2012-13

Students must complete four broad survey courses to demonstrate command of a range of sociological literatures. Students should consult with their adviser to ensure that the combination of courses chosen to meet this requirement exhibits sufficient breadth.

The following courses fulfill the survey course requirement:

Please note: Class offerings rotate. Not all approved survey courses are offered every year. Some courses are offered occasionally or every other year. Doctoral students in the department must take required courses for a letter grade if available and are expected to earn a grade of ‘B+’ in each course. Any grade of ‘B’ or below is considered to be less than satisfactory. No substitutions for the approved courses will be allowed.

Soc 310 Political Sociology

Soc 314 Economic Sociology

Soc 316 Historical and Comparative Sociology

Soc 318 Social Movements and Collective Action

Soc 320 Foundations of Social Psychology

Soc 322 Social Interaction, Social Structure, and Social Exchange

Soc 323 Sociology of the Family

Soc 339 Gender Meanings and Processes

Soc 340 Social Stratification

Soc 342B Gender and Social Structure*

Soc 345 Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations

Soc 347 Race and Ethnicity in Social Institutions

Soc 350 Sociology of Race

Soc 357 Immigration and Assimilation

Soc 358 Sociology of Immigration

Soc 360 Foundations of Organizational Sociology

Soc 362 Organizations and Environments

Soc 363A Seminar on Organizational Theory

Soc 366A Organizational Ecology

Soc 376 Perspectives on Organization and Environment

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