Stanford Joint Sociology PhD and Master’s in Public Policy

About the MPP

"The program focuses on domestic policy issues, including but not limited to the United States. Economics and quantitative analyses are central to modern public policy analysis. Political science, law, philosophy, organizational behavior, and cognitive psychology are among other necessary disciplinary perspectives. Political philosophy and ethics form the basis for the "ought" of public policy. Political science offers insights to the decision-making process and information needs of a democracy. Organizational behavior focuses on the many decisions made outside the market environment in hierarchies, bureaucracies, and teams. Nearly all public policy is formulated as law, and economic analysis of legal rules and institutions is key to effective implementation of policy decisions."
(see details about the joint Sociology PhD/MPP)


For admissions materials or if you have any questions about the MPP program, contact Niki Calastas - nikic@stanford.edu If you have any questions about how the MPP works with the Sociolgoy doctoral program, contact the student services office.

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