Spotlight on Students

Jarreau Bowen

BA Sociology ‘07 with a minor in Science, Technology, and Society
MA Sociology (in program) Social Psychology and Interpersonal Processes

"What brought me to Sociology was the wide range of courses that allowed me to study multiple subjects within my interests. As I was unable to choose one subject to focus on, the department allowed me to create my own concentration. Finishing my major made me realize how many more classes I wanted to take but could not fit into my undergraduate major. I am now co-terming because I thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate career in Sociology and this opportunity allows me to continue to study and in the end I will earn a Mater's degree for doing something I love."

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Tommy Leep

BA Economics '06
MA Sociology '07 Organizations, Business, and the Economy

"The ‘Organizations, Business, and the Economy’ track provides valuable lessons in organizational behavior, social networks, and entrepreneurship. Professor Granovetter has especially inspired and enlightened me with his Economic Sociology sequence. A more practical explanation of human behavior lies at the intersection Sociology and Economics, and Granovetter's work solidifies the foundation of the intersection of these disciplines. I am looking forward to applying what I've learned here to my personal interests in high tech and development economics. I highly encourage students who wish to walk and talk with top scholars and peers to seriously consider spending a year in the program... learning from student-focused professors and participating in course discussions with open-minded students makes the Sociology Department stand out."

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Peter Finlayson

BA International Relations '07
MA Sociology (in program) Organizations, Business, and the Economy
Sociology Peer Advisor 2007-08

"I will co-term in Sociology with a concentration in ‘Business, Organizations, and the Economy.’ The Soc co-term was attractive to me for a number of reasons. Stanford doesn't offer any "pre-professional" majors… this particular concentration within the Sociology Department will allow me to continue learning about the business world and prepare me for the career in consulting I plan to pursue once I graduate. In addition, I am a Varsity athlete, and the soc co-term is a fairly flexible/adaptable program that afforded me the ability to really take classes I felt would be worthwhile as I worked around my busy practice schedule."

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