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IR&DS Policy on Institutional Data Requests

July 2011

IR&DS recently created a document, available on our website, to describe the policy the office uses when evaluating requests for institutional data from constituencies throughout the University. (more…)

Redesigned FY09 Department Profiles Released

July 2011

Thanks to hard work and detailed feedback from our colleagues in Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Humanities & Sciences deans’ offices, the FY09 Department Profiles were released in a substantially redesigned format, including many more statistics as well as historical trend data. (more…)

NRC Assessment of Doctoral Programs Released

January 2011

The National Research Council released their long-awaited Assessment of Research Doctoral Programs on September 28, 2010. An article on these rankings, and Stanford’s response, appeared in the Stanford Report. (more…)

Information Sources: Common Data Set and Fact Book

January 2011

Each year, Stanford compiles and publishes two rich sources of publicly-available information about Stanford.  These are great sources of data to be aware of and to keep handy for future use.  Links to both of these (and more) can be found in the More Stanford Data section on the right-hand side of every page of the IR&DS website. (more…)

NRC Assessment of Doctoral Programs: Update

July 2010

As has been written about in this newsletter many times before, the National Research Council (NRC) collected extensive data about research doctoral programs at universities throughout the United States during much of 2006-07.  (more…)

NRC Assessment of Doctoral Programs

November 2009

Throughout much of 2006-07, the NRC collected extensive data about research doctoral programs at universities throughout the United States. Many delays have ensued, but the latest information about the project indicates that the NRC will publish a report and distribute data this winter, perhaps in February or March. To prepare for this release, a meeting of the NRC School Coordinators was held on November 19 to go over methodology, communication, and data. (more…)

Department Profiles for FY07 Released

April 2008

The Department Profiles for fiscal year 2007 have been distributed to the Provost, Vice-Provost for Budget, Vice- Provost for Graduate Education, and the School Deans for Earth Sciences, Education, Engineering, Humanities & Sciences, Law, and the Graduate School of Business. The purpose of the Department Profiles is to provide information regarding the performance of the academic departments in the schools mentioned above. (more…)

Update on the NRC Assessment

January 2008

We reported in the last DSS newsletter that the NRC Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs, including a survey database and an interpretive essay, was scheduled to be released in late spring/early summer 2008. Last week, the NRC announced that the report and database will not be issued until late September 2008, soon after the start of the 2008-09 academic year here at Stanford. (more…)