Business Intelligence Update

The campus-wide Business Intelligence (BI) effort has been proceeding with several major initiatives, described below.  For more information, please contact Rana Glasgal (

Research dashboard now live

The new research metrics dashboard is now available to authorized users.  The dashboard, implemented in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition software (OBIEE), shows high-level time-series research data over several dimensions in a flexible, easy-to-use format.  The dashboard displays the data using drillable graphs, so the user can select a year, organization, or agency of choice and drill into that dimension for further detail just by clicking on a bar in the graph itself.  Customized filters and views are available so that a user can create whatever graphs or tables they find most useful, and save those customized views for future use.  The high-quality graphics can be downloaded into PowerPoint for easy presentations, or into Excel or csv format.  While the user community for this new dashboard is limited right now, wider rollout is expected during the winter quarter.

Data governance organization to be created

To take a next crucial step in the development of Business Intelligence, the Systems Governance Group (SGG) approved a new position proposed by the BI Steering Committee, a Data Governance Manager (DGM).  The DGM will develop and administer a new data governance process at Stanford across our many administrative systems, databases, and organizations.  This person will be responsible for data quality processes and programs, and will work with subject area data stewards and technical staff to ensure that data is collected, stored, shared and reported accurately, in accord with the needs of the University.  This will be Stanford’s first long-term, systematized effort on data quality.  The DGM will also work cooperatively with the committee responsible for data privacy and security, which has been in place for many years now.

Work on HR metrics dashboard begins in January

The BI Steering Committee recommended that the next area for development of metrics and dashboards is Human Resources.  A project to gather requirements and build an HR dashboard begins in January,  and will continue for most of the fiscal year.  The project will create a dashboard with similar features and look and feel as the research dashboard recently completed.

The BI Steering Committee is excited about these initiatives and looks forward to the implementation of the HR dashboard, and to improved data quality via the data governance function.  Contact Rana (BI Program Manager) with any questions and suggestions.  Also, If you know of anyone with the skills to become Stanford’s data governance manager, please let Rana know. The position description will be posted to in late January.