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Undergraduate Program

Sample four-year schedules for completing Physics Major

Version 1: for students with strong physics/math background (e.g., 4 or 5 on AP Phys C Mech and AP Calc BC).
Version 2: for students who have not yet taken AP Phys C Mech with score of 4 or 5.
Version 3: for students who are not able to complete Math 50 and Phys 40 series (formerly 50 series) in Freshman year.
Alternate Math sequence for students who cannot take entire Math 50 series in one year.



Contrary to rumor, Stanford physics undergraduates do in fact have the option of studying abroad for one quarter or even a whole year. The physics curriculum is flexible, and while these four-year physics plans are straightforward, it is not the only viable order in which to take the required physics courses. Students planning to take the GRE Subject Test in physics in the senior year should complete Physics 130 and 131 by the end of the junior year. However, other students, including those planning to co-term in another department, have the leisure of postponing the 130 series. Physics 107 and 108 may also reasonably be postponed, availing the entire junior year to study abroad. While spring quarter of the junior year is a popular quarter in which to take Physics 108, moving the class to the senior year opens spring quarter in the junior year for studying abroad. Alternatively, taking Physics 170 and 171 concurrently with 130 and 131 in the junior year leaves the first two quarters of the senior year open to study abroad

The Stanford Overseas Studies Program runs nine foreign campuses in the autumn, winter and spring quarters while students remain directly enrolled at Stanford. Students considering this option should visit the OSP office on the first floor of Sweet Hall, as well as discuss how a quarter abroad might fit into their particular academic program with their major or academic advisor. For more information, visit the OSP website at: http://osp.stanford.edu
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