Swim for a Touchdown

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Swim for a Touchdown Event! Please keep an eye out for next year’s great opportunity. Thank you!

Welcome to the Swim for a Touchdown Aquatic Challenge!

Swim for a Touchdown is an aquatic fitness challenge to motivate swimmers of all levels to swim and exercise regularly. Participants can water walk, aqua jog, or swim their way through the challenge – the main point is to get in the water and realize the benefits of working out at the pool! We will “swim” to our football opponent’s campus over nine weeks (September 30th to December 1st). At the end of each week participants will enter their distance online to be eligible for the weekly drawing of Stanford gear or home Football tickets. Participants who complete all nine weeks and have submitted their distances by the deadline each week will receive a Stanford Aquatics swim cap and be eligible for our Grand Prize giveaway.

How to Participate:

Step 1: Pick up a worksheet that shows all nine weeks swim distances for each skill level at the Avery Aquatic Center during recreational swim hours starting Thursday, Sept 26th. You can also download the worksheet here.

Step 2: Track your daily yardage using the worksheet. Each week there are three levels of the challenge to choose from; Redshirt (Easy Pace), Starter (Medium Pace), Heisman (Fast Pace). Each level has a yardage goal for that week that corresponds to the distance from Stanford University to our football opponent’s campus. You may choose to swim any of the three levels in any given week. A week runs from the Monday to that Sunday. All entries need to be submitted on the online tracking site by 10pm on Sunday night.

How to Calculate Yardage:

Recreational Swimming:
Long Course Pool: 1 lap (round trip) = 110 yards
Short Course Pool: 1 lap (round trip) = 50 yards

Aqua Jogging and Water Walking:
10 Minutes = 200 yards

How to Keep Motivated:

Weekly Prizes*: Upon completing one of the three yardage goals each week, enter your distance on the online tracking site by 10pm on Sunday night to automatically be entered into a drawing for Stanford gear or home Football tickets. Completion of the distance goal is required to be eligible for the drawing.

Grand Prizes*: Upon completing the nine week challenge, enter your last week’s distance on the online tracking site before 10pm on Sunday December 1st to be eligible for a “Stanford Aquatics” swim cap and automatically be entered into the drawing to win 1 of 3 prize packages valued at over $50 each. Participants who completed a goal in each of the 9 weeks and submitted their distances by each weeks deadline will receive a “Stanford Aquatics” swim cap. Swim caps can be picked up at the Lifeguard Office at the Avery Aquatic Center during the week of December 2nd – 8th.

Weekly Raffle Winners:
Week #1: Chris Lipski (8,470 yards), Jane Bae (5,200 yards), Harvey Chock (8,690 yards)
Week #2: Betsy Nash (6,550 yards), Justin Foster (9,100 yards), Nancy Gross (4,000 yards)
Week #3: Roberta Hannibal (2,200 yards), Lois McCluscky (2,200 yards), Thomas Henrikson (5,860 yards)
Week #4: Theresa Storm (7,500 yards), Alex McMillan (6,490 yards), Burke Robinson (23,000 yards)
Week #5: Nancy Florence (5,940 yards), Marty Semilla (4,290 yards), Sandy Louie (3,500 yards)
Week #6: Katharine Keller (2,500 yards), Mrinmoy Sanyal (10,500 yards), Alesandra Najera (5,000 yards)
Week #7: Laura Potter (1,200 yards), Katherine Near (4,700 yards), Lihua Ying (10,450 yards)
Week #8: Marina Kolodyazhnaya (9,600 yards), Alex Popof (24,190 yards), Henry Gross (4,000 yards)

*Winners of the prize drawings will be notified by e-mail.

Submit your weekly distance entries HERE


Distances from Stanford to


Red Shirt Pace*

Starter Pace*

Heisman Pace*

Week 1



2800 yards

4200 yards

8400 yards

Week 2



2600 yards

3900 yards

7,700 yards

Week 3



1200 yards

1800 yards

3500 yards

Week 4

Oregon State


1900 yards

2800 yards

5600 yards

Week 5

Washington State


2850 yards

4275 yards

8550 yards

Week 6



1700 yards

2600 yards

5200 yards

Week 7



1200 yards

1800 yards

3500 yards

Week 8



125 yards

250 yards

500 yards

Week 9

Notre Dame


6400 yards

9600 yards

19,200 yards

*Mileage is the approximate driving distance from Stanford University to the football opponent’s campus.

**Yardage has been rounded up and is based on the following formula; Red Shirt Pace is 50 yds swimming for every 15 miles of driving distance, Starter Pace is 50 yds for every 10 miles, and Heisman Pace is 50 yds for every 5 miles.