Battleship 2013


Thank you

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in this year’s event. It was a great success and much fun. Feel free to explore photos from the event on our Facebook page!

9 Boats will enter, 8 will Sink

Come to Avery Aquatics Center on October 25th to enjoy the 2nd annual battleship event on the Stanford campus! In teams ‘o 4 in a boat, it be ye goal to sink other boats, while protectin’ ye own. We gunna provide buckets, but ye team gunna need to brin’ ye “shield”. Shovel water from th’ pool into other boats to sink them before they sink ye!

Come as a team dressed up in a costume, as we gunna have prizes fer best themed team!

Date ‘n Time:

Friday the 25th day of October, 1710, 8pm-10pm


$20 per team

Rules ‘n Registration

Click here to view the Rules

Register here.


Photos from the 2012 event can be found on our Facebook page!


Please contact Captain Travis Blackbeard Jew at or (650)723-1081