Merced (2010)

Our first stop in this project was Merced in September of 2010. Merced was the logical place to start, since it's in the middle of the state and of the Central Valley. We learned a good deal about how to do this project -- in some ways our visit to Merced was a pilot project -- and we'll probably return in the near future to do things we didn't know to do the first time around. Furthermore, it will be a pleasure to return since Merced is a great place.
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Redding (2011)

Redding sits at the northern tip of the Central Valley, where the valley meets the mountains that extend into southern Oregon. While technically it’s in the Valley, Redding is not part of the Valley, as it’s surrounded not by ranch- and farmland but by mountains and forest, to which its economy and culture are tied.
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Bakersfield (2012)

Watch this space