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Time Tracking Project

What It Is

  • A project, launched summer 2004, by the CIO and ITSS Executive Group to implement a time tracking system and process throughout the organization.
  • Project ownership and management resides within ITSS Business Planning.
  • As of April 2005, approximately 170 ITSS staff are recording their time in Timesheet - a web based, vendor-provided time management application from Journyx.

Why It's Important Now

Purpose: Staffing accounts for 60% of ITSS resources and spending.

  • Organizational change coupled with new administrative system implementations have made the existing rate setting and budget methodologies obsolete. In order to set accurate rates for services and to move to activity based budgeting, it is essential that ITSS collect data on how staff spends their time.
  • Directors and managers need to do a better job of resource planning to meet deliverables, to fulfill client expectations, and to schedule future projects. With historical data collection and reporting of time by individual, by group, by project, and by work area, management is equipped with data to inform decision-making.

Status: The intention is to rollout the time tracking process to all eligible ITSS staff by August 2005. Within ITSS, approximately 50% of staff is currently participating in time tracking - with remaining groups calendared for May, June, and July. A variety of monthly reports are centrally prepared for individual managers and executives. The value of this data increases as participation increases.

Planning: The full value of the time tracking process will be realized with standardization and reporting roll-ups. By end of summer, ITSS will have sufficient experience and participation to proceed to this stage of the project. In order to ensure that all groups have a voice in future developments, a Steering Committee with equal representation from AS and IT Services is recommended

Contact Information

  • Sponsor: Bill Clebsch
  • Project Manager: Lynne Myers (, 5-0055)
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