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Reviel Netz - "Making Sense of Greek Culture: Maps, Numbers, Thoughts" at Visualizing Complexity and Uncertainty workshop on Thursday, March 7 at noon in Wallenberg Hall

Please join Visualizing Complexity & Uncertainty next Thursday, March 7 at Noon, in Wallenberg Hall for the third talk of our winter series.

Reviel Netz -- Professor of Classics and, by courtesy, Philosophy (Stanford) -- will present "Making Sense of Greek Culture: Maps, Numbers, Thoughts"

In my presentation I try to do two things: share my recent research into the geographical patterns of Greek cultural life, and reflect on the quasi-statistical, vaguely quantitative, "methodology" typical to much of my work. In between the Digital Humanities, on the one hand, and the traditional philologist's close reading, on the other hand, there lies a region of small samples, studied by hand - where the sensibility of the scholar can dwell on the detail of data.

Thursday, March 7, 12:00 pm
"Gold n Honey" meeting space, 4th floor of Wallenberg Hall (bldg. 160) -- (Please note the change from our regular venue; the elevator will be open.)
Lunch will be served.