Dissertation Writers

Name Research Interests
Bautista, Stefanie Middle Horizon (600 - 1000 C.E.) and Early Intermediate Period (100 B.C.E – 650 C.E.) in Peru
Chart, Hilary Experiences of flexible/insecure labor in urban Africa, the economic imaginaries of microenterprise projects and entrepreneurship education, and business as a cultural production
Davie-Kessler, Jesse The relationship of words, materials, ritual and belief to the Pentecostal subject within local and translocal contexts
Droney, Damien Medical regulation and popular engagements with science in West Africa
Escallon, Maria The intersections between heritage, cultural diversity, public policy making and development
Feged, Alejandro Behavioral ecology of malaria in the Colombian Amazon Basin
Gallagher, Patrick The political ecology and the political economy of large-scale environmental conservation projects
Gardiner, Mark Economic, environmental and energy planning in southern Africa
Ghani, Aysha Questions of subjectivity and subject formation, incommensurability, accusation, historical crisis, continuity and rupture, ideology, psychoanaltic theory and the law
Human, Helen The commodification of heritage resources and the development and implementation of cultural heritage conventions, laws, and policies.
Montgomery, Lindsay Native American cultural heritage, ethics, environmental justice, and the politics of identity
Murungi, Curtis Political science, anthropology and law, and how these are understood as both scientific and artistic disciplines and processes
Nazaroff, Adam Joseph Archaeological provenance research and archaeometry, the role of science in archaeology, entanglement theory, ecological psychology, Near Eastern and Mesoamerican archaeology
Pezzarossi, Guido The archaeology of the entanglements of capitalism and colonialism by Native people to engage and navigate the colonial structures of the emerging capitalist world
Poggiali, Lisa The social, cultural, and political dynamics of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Africa
Power, Eleanor Human behavioral ecology, signaling theory, social network analysis, the anthropology of religion, South India
Rice, Jenna Dawn How Muslim minorities situate themselves, and are situated by others, within West European modernity, with specific attention to issues of subject formation, articulations of secularism and liberalism, postcolonial politics, language, and poetics
Simpson, Ian Roderick The relationship between market and religion, focusing on early Muslim urban communities in Syria-Palestine.
West, Anna Global health, domesticity, and citizenship in Southern Africa
Yu, Yeon Jung Social Networks and Social Capital of Female Sex Workers (FSWs) in China
Zhang, Hantian Modernity, capitalism, identity, nationalism, and the social construction of interest