Adrienne Johnson Wins 2014 Centennial Teaching Award


The Program in Modern Thought and Literature is proud to recognize Adrienne Johnson as our 2014 Centennial TA. Since 1989 the Centennial TA program has recognized and rewarded outstanding teaching by Stanford TAs in the Schools of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, and Earth Sciences.

Adrienne is a creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated teacher who is gifted at engaging students from a broad range of backgrounds. Her recommenders note her “utter commitment to the intellectual development” of all her students, and her willingness to go above and beyond what is expected.

Kyoko Sato tells of how Adrienne continued to work with her students after the quarter had ended to assist them in preparing submissions for an essay contest. Shelley Fisher Fishkin describes the way Adrienne, in seeking the best way to convey a lesson, sought out and drew from a wide range of sources to develop her pedagogical materials. Adrienne’s students were similarly complimentary, praising her for her “infectious sense of enthusiasm” and her ability to make difficult material comprehensible. Congratulations, Adrienne!