Course and Research Assistantships

The Management Science and Engineering Department has a limited number of Course and Research Assistantships available. Priority for assistantships goes to continuing MS&E Doctoral Students. New students and students enrolled in other departments are unlikely to receive MS&E assistantships, and should seek other funding opportunities.

Current students may apply for Course Assistantships on-line at the Student Forms page.

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers services for instructors and TA/CAs.

International students hired as TA/CAs must be screened by English for Foreign Students (EFS) for readiness to use English in a teaching role. Please see the EFS website for detailed information and requirements.

Current students may contact Faculty members directly regarding the possibility of Research Assistantships.

We seldom hire hourly graders for our courses, preferring to support students on course assistantships whenever possible. If we do hire a grader, it will be after the first week of the quarter, and an email will be sent to students if we need applications.

Students appointed as CAs, RAs, or graders, must have a social security number, and completed I9 paperwork. Please see Payroll for Employees and Tax Information for additional information.

Please see GAP 7.3 for Stanford policy on assistantships.