HPS Colloquia Series for 1997-98

The School of Humanities and Sciences, the Program in History and Philosophy of Science, the Philosophy Department and the Classics Department present:



Wilbur Knorr Memorial Conference

March 13th and 14th, 1998

Ventura Hall 17
Stanford University

Schedule of Events:


8:45-9:15 Coffee

9:15 David Fowler (University of Warwick), "Techniques of Fractions in Ancient Greece"

11:15 Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute), "The Coherence of the Arab-Latin Translation Program in Twelfth Century Toledo"

1:15 lunch

3:30 Henry Mendell (Cal. State U., L.A.), "The Trouble with Eudoxus" will be given in Turing Auditorium, Polya Hall



9:15 David Nivison (Stanford University), "The Key to the Chronology of the Three Dynasties: the 'Modern Text' Bamboo Annals"
David N. Keightley (U.C., Berkeley)
Jeffrey K. Riegel (U.C., Berkeley)

11:15 J.L. Berggren (Simon Fraser University), "The Tradition of Analysis in Ancient Mathematics from Greece to Medieval Islam"

1:15 lunch

2:15 Judith V. Grabiner (Pitzer College), "Maclaurin among the Molasses Barrels: Archimedean Geometry Meets the Modern State"

4:15 meeting of West Coast Aristotelian Society: Discussion of An. Post. B 6.

For more information, call Henry Mendell at (213) 343-4178, or email at hmendel@ganymede.calstatela.edu


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