Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering
Computer Systems Colloquium (EE380) Schedule
Spring 2013-2014
Wednesdays, 4:15-5:30PM in Gates B01

Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium meets on Wednesdays 4:15PM-5:30PM throughout the academic year. Talks are given before a live audience in Room B01 in the basement of the Gates Computer Science Building on the Stanford Campus. The live talks (and the videos) are open to the public.

Videos of the lectures #1 and #2 and #3 as accessed from this site are broken and are being repaired. The boffo occured as we move from one video format to another. The video camera icon streams video in Windows Media Format. All of the Spring 2014 videos are available elsewhere. Links to both legacy WMF format videos and to the HTML5 format videos will be availables here soon.

Videos for the lectures are now captured in HTML5 format and can be viewed at

Videos are now uploaded to YouTube shortly after they are presented and can be viewed there. The URLS for the YouTube versions of the first two talks are:

Stephan Wolfram on The Design and Implications of the Wolfram Language
Stan Honey on Augmented Reality at the America's Cup. [CORRECTED URL]
Paul Borrill on Insights into the Nature of Time

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Apr 2, 2014Stephan Wolfram
Founder and CEO
Wolfram Research
The Design and Implications of the Wolfram Language
Apr 9, 2014Stan Honey
America's Cup Event Authority
Augmented Reality at the America's Cup. The technology behind AC LiveLine.
Apr 16, 2014Paul Borrill
EARTH Computing
Insights into The Nature of Time in Physics, and implications for Computer Science.
Apr 23, 2014Chris McKay
The origin of life and the search for a second genesis of life on other worlds as problems in information science
Apr 30, 2014Steve Perlman
(tentative) Artemis pCell Technology
May 7, 2014Dan Milstein
To be announced
May 14, 2014Nancy Kim
California Western School of Law
To be announced
May 21, 2014Safa Motesharrei
University of Maryland
Human and Nature Dynamics (HANDY):
Modeling Inequality and Use of Resources in the Collapse or Sustainability of Societies
May 28, 2014To be announced
To be announced
Jun 4, 2014Richard Chuang
To be announced

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