Stanford University
EE234: Photonics Laboratory

Winter 2011


Photonics and fiber optics with a focus on communication and sensing. Experimental characterization of semiconductor lasers, optical fibers, photodetectors, receiver circuitry, fiber optic links, optical amplifiers, and optical sensors and photonic crystals. .

Meeting Time & Place

- Lectures: Mon Fri 1:15-2:05pm, Gates B12

- Lab: Wed 1-5pm, Packard 066

Instructor Office Hours & Location
Jelena Vuckovic Fridays, 2pm-3:30pm, Nano #209

TAs Office Hours & Location
Armand Rundquist

Gary Shambat



Administrative Staff  Location
Ingrid Tarien Nano #306 


Lecture notes will be posted on the class web site.

There are no required textbooks.

Recommended textbooks:

1) B. Saleh and M. Teich, Fundamentals of Photonics

2) A. Yariv, ptical electronics in modern communications

3)L.  Coldren and S. Corzine, Diode lasers and photonic integrated circuits


Course details and syllabus (tentative)


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